Career development platform for Russian-speaking professionals where they learn how to be a top notch employee delivering value to your business
Careerum.Club –
Our community is made of employees of these top brands
career boost for your team
Careerum.Club is the right investment if you'd like your employees to:
Reach your business goals faster
Efficiently manage projects, people and resources
Plan their time like a pro and prevent burnout
Keep themselves motivated
Work remotely and get the same results as in the office
Negotiate successfully with clients and colleagues
Proactively integrate feedback
Prioritize and meet deadlines
Make effective presentations
The career development platform with learning materials by experts worldwide — from career professionals and psychologists to ex-McKinsey consultants. Our mission is to encourage everyone to be motivated to work, reach the company's goals and make the most of their strengths.
What is Careerum.Club?
New courses and webinars appear every month, so the platform works on a monthly subscription basis. The subscription can be canceled at any time.
The Careerum.Club community members build valuable connections for themselves and their companies. They learn how other specialists in their domain work, expand their grasp of the business, find seasoned mentors, and put the best practices in place.
Each club member gets access to a community of 1000+ professionals from different countries
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